Docker – Quick Reference

A quick reference guide to common Docker commands.

# to pull a container image
docker pull nginx

# to make container - persistant container that mounts conf and webroot
docker run --name repo-nginx -p 80:80 --restart unless-stopped -v /data/scratch/repo-nginx:/usr/share/nginx/html -v /data/docker/repo-nginx/default.conf:/etc/nginx

# Remove all stopped containers
docker system prune -f

#to all list containers
docker ps -a

#to list active containers
docker ps

# to start
docker start <container name>

# to stop
docker start <container name>

# to remove
docker rm <container name>

# if you are having issues with a container - views last 50 log entries
docker logs --tail 50 --follow --timestamps <container name>

# list docker networks
docker network ls

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