Vagrant boxes

Vagrant boxes are preconfigured images that can be downloaded from vagrant to create your own homogeneous test environment across multisystems and platforms.

using vagrantup to get boxes

you can download vagrant boxes (image) from or create your own use version control if developing your own

#vagrant box commands

vagrant box add <URL>
vagrant box list
vagrant box remove <name>
vagrant box update # you must destroy and recreate if you want to use it

vagrant init centos/7  # creates Vagrantfile with box centos/7

creating basebox

  • Virtualbox – – hdd as vmdk – install ISO – disable audio and usb –
    setup port forward ssh 2222 22

  • create users – vagrant/vagrant and root/vagrant and setup

  • copy key from
    authorized_keys for vagrant user

  • modify sshd AuthorizedKeysFiles %h/.ssh/authorized_keys

  • install guest tools vm

  • clear up free space – dd if=/dev/zero of=/EMPTY bs=1M rm -r /EMPTY

on host machine – To package and add to boxes

 vagrant package --base <my-virtual-machine>
 vagrant box add <my-virtual-machine>

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